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Repairs and Shipwrighting Services

Services and Treatments Provided

International Interspray Centre


Awlgrip Application Centre


International Osmosis Centre


Coppercoat Application centre


Hempel Application Centre



Spectroscopic colour analysis and matching systems


Polyester / Vinlyester / Epoxy / Gelcoat / Alkaloid / Urethane and isocyanate paints / Acrylics paint and resin repairs


Paint and gel-coat reconditioning



Hull / Keel Glass and Soda  blasting


Gelcoat peeling


Epoxy priming undercoats and tie coat systems



GRP / FRP - epoxy and polyester build and repair works - from compression damage to structural works


Keel replacements and associate hull re-inforcements


Ancient ship - wooden repairs and re-instatements


Wooden repairs and re-instatements



Fitting works - from engine bed and ancillary systems to decks, internal works, plumbing, etc...


Rigging - supply and fit


Bespoke stainless works and fabrication


Electrical / Electronic - supply and fit; Plumbing systems, heating systems


Sails and Canvas works

The Retreat Boatyard provides full repair services and capabilities. Staff are experienced in a number of areas, but have specific specialisation - whether this is treatments, wooden repairs, fitting works, resin and FRP or different paint systems. We have the demonstrable skill and experience to provide customers both advice and solutions.

Cost comparisons are often difficult to make. Underlying labour rates are rarely a good means to establish either good value or more importantly good work.


Most works are provided on a time and materials basis only. Fixed price quote can be given, but we advise customers that for many works this is impractical. We provide budget guides for works to help customers in planning works and/or stages. In about 33% of cases we are under budget, and only in around 10% are we over the specified budget / contingency given.


Customers are provied with an estimate before works, and all works are subject to daily reviews. Apart from the departmental managers, we provide a dedicated customer service manager in order to keep communication and feedback going. Most of the larger works undertaken take a few weeks, involving from 20-120 man hours. Here works are planned in stages.

Example Costings and Budgets

Long standing experience in many of the treatment and supplier systems, coupled with good technical knowledge and extensive experience, provide repeatable works of a high standard.


In addition, the provision of a suitable environment with the correct facilities, allow controllable treatments delvered on-time and in-budget. A cross departmental approach allows all works to be co-ordinated and end to end delivery under a single works and customer service delivery system.

Wooden Boat Repairs
Lifting Keel Refits
GRP Repairs
Commercial / Industrial Works
Epoxy / 2-pack Application
Keel Prime / Refinishing
Full Underwater Treatments
Hull Reconditioning / Epoxy Priming
Wooden Boat Refinishing

Repairs Works Request

includes example costings and T&C

Material Safety Data Sheets

Correct and safe application of products is a fundamental part of any repair or treatment - for yourself personally, for others around you, and of course essential for a good final result.


More to follow ...

Repair Guides and Advice

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