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Yard Scale of Charges as of 1st Oct. 2013

Please find below a summary of all yard charges - whether craning, storage in the winter / summer, the hire of cradles, summer scub - in fact all the services that you could expect us to offer.


We appreciate it is difficult to sometimes compare the offerings from different providers. Some craning is offered by weight some by size. Some have mesurements in feet, others in metres. However, customers are often mislead by headline figures which exclude VAT.


For clarity, we provide our charges by feet and meters, including and excluding VAT. There are no hideen charges such as transit charges across quays, or costs of moving boats to/from various storage compounds. Our storage and mooring charges are presented in essence, per season, and/or per month. We find that very few customers actually understand comparisons when on a weekly basis. We provide a tarrif for this, but it is really aimed at customers who wish 1-2 weeks stay.


We aim to give value, and all our seasonal charges include additional benefits, which for this winter amount to £212. Our summer rates are cheaper than that of the local council who try to reclaim parking spaces. We are a boatyard, and we store boats - its that simple; and with that you get experienced staff available to help all year round. So when making a choice, do take everything into consideration. Even car parking charges can easily outweigh any cheaper storage you may be considering.

On first glance we are often slightly more expensive than other providers. But, we are a long standing, professional business which offers value. That said, we are cheaper than many for a significant number of services which we carry out all year. We provide promotional services at different time of the year, and these offer tremendous value.

Call for seasonal promotions

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